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What to know about Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams

In this article, we are going to go through the benefits of Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams, including the differences between them and which scenarios each should be used in.

What is a Spreader Beam?

A Spreader Beam, sometimes known as a Spreader Bar, is a versatile and cost-effective lifting solution for a wide range of applications. The basic configuration has slings attached to shackles at each end of the beam, which connects to a lifting device, such as a hoist or crane. A Spreader Beam is a simple device which is engineered to convert lifting forces into compressive forces, and evenly distribute the weight of a load across the slings. 

What is a Lifting Beam?

A Lifting Beam, which can also be referred to as a Lifting Bar, is generally designed to lift a specific load, such as one with an offset centre of gravity. A Lifting Beam usually has its lifting lugs in the centre of the beam, or alternatively, evenly spaced from the centre point. Often, a Lifting Beam will have multiple lift points on the underside of the beam, allowing for more secure lifts.

What are the benefits of using a Spreader Beam?

Spreader Beams are generally cheaper, due to the fact that they make more efficient use of materials, and have a lower weight to safe working load ratio. These beams can lift larger and more awkward loads as they distribute weight evenly, therefore reducing the chance of tipping or bending of the load. A Spreader Beam can be more versatile because modular beams allow for the span to be adjusted, as more sections can be added. We highly recommend the MultiSec range of Modular Spreader Beams due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, these modular beams can be transformed into a lifting frame, using MultiSec Corner Units, which can be found on our sales page.

What are the limitations of using a Spreader Beam?

Given that the lift points are at the ends of the beam, more headroom is required to use a Spreader Beam. Furthermore, a Spreader Beam does not give any support to the centre of a load, which could be undesirable for some loads, as they may have a weak spot in this area. In this case, a Lifting Beam would be more suitable as it can provide central support to a load. 

What are the benefits of using a Lifting Beam?

As previously mentioned, a Lifting Beam can be beneficial for lifting loads with a weak spot in the centre, as they can provide additional support with their increased number of lifting eyes. 

Lifting Beams are also perfect for lifting out-of-balance loads safely, given the fact that they have multiple lift points, and can be designed for a specific application. A Lifting Beam also allows for lifts where there is limited headroom, such as inside factories. This is because the lift points are more central to the beam, allowing for the use of shorter slings, as the sling angle will be greater.

What are the limitations of using a Lifting Beam?

Generally, Lifting Beams carry a higher cost, due to the fact that they use more materials, and so in turn are usually heavier (for the same safe working load). Further to this, Lifting Beams are bigger in size, which can lead to problems with storage. If storage is an issue, a Modular Spreader Beam could be the perfect solution, because they can be disassembled and stored in a smaller space.

Why should I use a MultiSec Lifting or Spreader Beam?

After reading this article, you may be thinking about purchasing a Lifting or Spreader Beam. At MultiSec, we offer a wide range of off-the-shelf Modular Spreader Beams which are readily available for worldwide distribution, along with a bespoke range tailored to your specific requirements. MultiSec also offers readily available Lifting Beams, but are usually manufactured to individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team if you need any guidance, or wish to purchase a MultiSec product. 

Why choose MultiSec?

  • Cost-Effective – A variety of spans and configurations can be made up with a small number of components.
  • Versatile – Our products can be configured into virtually any lifting rig to lift the most complicated of structures.
  • Storage – MultiSec products can be dismantled and stored in a relatively small area, saving your valuable space.
  • Handling – Our spreader beams can be handled more easily than conventional fixed spreader beams.
  • Transport – Multi-Sec equipment can be shipped with smaller, more cost-effective vehicles as it can be shipped in its component form.
  • High Load Capacity to Size Ratio – Relatively small MultiSec Modular Lifting Beams can lift higher loads than fixed lifting beam configurations.