We Hire Our Beams

MultiSec are the go-to company for hiring lifting and handling equipment. Our aim is to offer an extensive range of quality products and services at competitive rates while achieving and maintaining service excellence which surpasses our customers’ needs and expectations.

Utilising our existing hire fleet within your rigging design assures that all of your equipment is readily available from stock, resulting in substantial cost savings to you as there is no need for purchase.

All equipment is available for long or short term hire at very competitive rates with a fast, efficient delivery service ensuring that the hire equipment arrives at its destination on time and in full.  With a system range from 1 meter x 13 tonne to 27 meter x 860 tonne, our team will work with you to provide the cost effective, practical and most importantly safe solution to all your lifting requirements. 

What Size Beam do I need?

  1. Select the span you require…
  2. Select the WLL you need for that span…
  3. Determining STV (sling to vertical) considering any height restrictions.

Standard Off-the -Shelf- Range Available for Hire

Up to 13t at 5.75m
Up to 7.75m at lower capacity

Up to 25t at 7.25m
Up to 9.25m at lower capacity

Up to 50t at 9.75m
Up to 12m at lower capacity

Up to 75t at 12m
Up to 15m at lower capacity

Up to 110t at 14.5m
Up to 18m at lower capacity

Up to 170t at 14.5m
Up to 19.5m at lower capacity

Up to 200t at 14.5m
Up to 19.5m at lower capacity

Up to 250t at 15.5m
Up to 22m at lower capacity

Up to 400t at 21.0m
Up to 22m at lower capacity

Up to 600t at 15m
Up to 20.5m at Lower Capacity

Up to 653t at 24.0m

Up to 860t at 27.0m

30° STV (Sling to Vertical)

What Size Shackle Do I Need?

We also hire Shackles, click the beam options below to determine what you need

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