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What to know about Lifting Frames

Lifting frames come in diverse shapes and sizes, offering flexible solutions for various lifting needs. In this article, we delve into the distinct variations of lifting frames that cater to specific requirements.

Modular Lifting Frames: A Versatile Solution

A modular lifting frame serves as a reliable solution for four-point lifts, delivering enhanced stability, especially in scenarios where the use of a spreader beam isn’t feasible. One remarkable advantage of the MultiSec Modular Lifting Frame is its exceptional adaptability for different lifts.

This adaptability stems from the ability to add or remove sections as needed for each unique task. Additionally, by eliminating the MultiSec Corner Units, these modular lifting frames can transform into modular spreader beams. When storage space is a concern, the frame can be disassembled into its components for efficient storage in smaller areas. Notably, modular lifting frames surpass the need for bottom slings to be set at a 0° angle to the vertical, granting them the versatility to handle substantial loads compared to conventional lifting frames. Read more…

Adjustable Lifting Frames: Flexibility in Span and Function

An adjustable lifting frame offers the familiar features of a standard lifting frame, along with the added benefit of customizable span settings. Much like modular lifting frames, these frames also facilitate multi-point lifting and are particularly suitable for larger loads with weaker spans. An appealing feature of the adjustable lifting frame is its compatibility with environments that have limited headroom. This is attributed to the strategic placement of lift points closer to the frame’s center, resulting in a smaller sling angle compared to modular lifting frames with lift points at all four corners. Read more…

Lifting & Spreader Frames: Ideal for Restricted Headroom and Multi-Point Lifts

MultiSec’s Lifting and Spreader Frames present an ideal solution when headroom is restricted or when loads require more than two lifting points. These frames are exceptionally suited for repetitive lifting tasks. The positioning of the lifting slings below the frame at a 0° angle to the vertical ensures damage prevention to both the load and the lifting equipment. Moreover, this design feature guarantees the secure positioning of slings throughout the lift, preventing any chance of slipping. MultiSec offers a comprehensive range of versatile general-purpose lifting and spreader frames available for easy ordering. Read more…

Container Lifting Frames: Mastering ISO Shipping Container Handling

Designed to elevate shipping containers adhering to the ISO 6326:1995 standard, MultiSec’s Container Lifting Frames are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of international trade. The ISO established universally recognized sizes and manufacturing regulations for export containers, known today as ISO Shipping Containers.

Our Container Lifting Frames are engineered for compatibility with overhead cranes, container handlers, or reach stackers. Featuring four lifting points, these frames excel in managing off-balance loads, ensuring controlled vertical lifts with minimal inward pull. With over 25 years of experience, the MultiSec Frames are crafted to withstand repeated lifting operations while delivering unparalleled stability. Read more…

Why Choose MultiSec Lifting Frames?

At MultiSec, we offer an extensive selection of readily available off-the-shelf Modular Lifting Frames for global distribution. Additionally, we specialize in creating tailor-made solutions to suit your precise lifting needs. Leveraging innovative design backed by our decades-long expertise, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. For support or to acquire a MultiSec product, reach out to our Sales Team without hesitation. We provide free quotes and comprehensive guidance to all our valued customers.

Adjustable Lifting Frames