Multisec Engineered Lifting Systems

Multisec Modular Lifting Frames

Range up to 250t with spans up to 16m

MultiSec Modular Lifting Frames are the ideal solution for a four-point lift when a modular spreader beam arrangement is unsuitable. They combine the innovative design of MultiSec Modular Spreader Beams and Corner Units to form a robust, versatile lifting frame. If you already have MultiSec Spreader Beams, corner units can be ordered to convert your existing lifting system to a four-point MultiSec Modular Lifting Frame. 

MultiSec Modular Lifting Frames are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards for onshore and offshore uses, and sizes up to 250 Tonnes are in stock and available immediately for worldwide distribution.

Our Modular Lifting Frames range up to 250 tonnes, with spans up to 16 metres. Any sizes outside this usual range (including frames as small as 0.5m x 0.5m) are also available upon request as a bespoke product.

Multisec Modular Spreader Frames

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The entire range of MultiSec Lifting Systems are proof load tested in-house prior to despatch and supplied complete with relevant certification.

MultiSec Modular Lifting Frames Systems

Multi F 13

Up to 13t
Spans up to 6m x 6m

Multi F 25

Up to 25t
Spans up to 7m x 7m

Multi F 50

Up to 50t
Spans up to 9m x 9m

Multi F 75

Up to 75t
Spans up to 12m x 12m

Multi F 110

Up to 110t
Spans up to 14m x 14m

Multi F 170

Up to 170t
Spans up to 15m x 15m

Multi F 250

Up to 250t
Spans up to 16m x 16m

Component Selection

Each frame assembly consists of four corner units and interchangeable struts to achieve your required lifting width and length.

The corner units are compatible and interchangeable with the full range of MultiSec modular spreader beam struts. Existing clients can simply order the corresponding corner unit to suit their MultiSec system, converting the spreader beam into a four point lifting frame.

If you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for guidance.
This product is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.