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Durham Lifting & Mercia Lifting Gear LTD announce strategic global partnership

Durham Lifting, one of the founding manufacturers of modular spreader beams in the UK, is proud to announce a new strategic global partnership with Mercia Lifting Gear LTD.

The partnership will see Mercia Lifting Gear become a distributor of Multisec Spreader Beam products, making them immediately available for purchase to their current client base.

Amanda Gardiner, Managing Director of Durham Lifting, commented: “Durham Lifting is very excited about its partnership with Mercia Lifting Gear. We share a deep passion for our profession, what we do, and who we are. We see this as an amazing opportunity to share our expertise and our amazing Multisec product with more businesses.”

This partnership will also see the two businesses work closely together to develop their product ranges and create a solid base for research and development, further improving their already world-class offerings. This will start with an internal knowledge workshop run by Durham Lifting in late October.

Paul Clarke, Lead Engineer at Mercia Lifting Gear LTD, said: “We are thrilled to announce that we have become a distributor of Multisec modular spreader beams. The two businesses have developed a great relationship, and this partnership will allow both businesses to thrive. We are sharing experiences and already applying the building blocks for long-term development.”

With around 100 years of experience and professionalism in lifting gear across the two teams, they share expertise and knowledge on topics such as crane professionalism, development of products, and installation.


Durham Lifting Bio

Founded in 1996, Durham Lifting provides lifting solutions from concept to completion including supply, rental, manufacture, proof load test, examination & maintenance. We specialise in the design & manufacture of bespoke lifting systems including spreader / lifting beams and frames.

mercia lifting gear

Mercia Lifting Gear Bio

Founded in 1982, to provide specialised Lifting Services to an ever more sophisticated client base, Mercia has always looked to provide the best value available to its clients, ranging from refurbishment of existing Lifting Plant, through to development of and manufacture of bespoke new equipment solutions including maintenance programmes.