Multisec Engineered Lifting Systems

Effortlessly Lifting Heavy Loads with the Multisec Range

Lifting heavy loads requires the right equipment, and the Multisec range is the perfect solution. Our beams in action for a valued customer showcased just how effective the Multisec range can be. The 177T lift in this photo was effortlessly managed using our MultiSec spreader beams, demonstrating the versatility and reliability of this innovative range.

MultiSec 220 Tonne Tandem Lift Beam

MultiSec 220 Tonne tandem lift beam

This MultiSec 220 Tonne tandem lift beam allows a load to be lifted in tandem over 2 harbour cranes. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, this Multisec beam has been equipped with forklift handling pockets and fixed support legs.

Bespoke Forklift Attachment

MultiSec Bespoke Lifting Equipment

This Bespoke forklift attachment was designed and manufactured all in house to suit customers specification.  Contact us with your bespoke lifting requirements and our design team will be happy to help.

Need a fast lifting solution?

The MultiSec hire range

The MultiSec hire range is the right solution for you. Our beams are available for long or short-term hire at very competitive rates with a fast and efficient delivery service